Mother In Law

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Thanksgiving dinner has been a particularly sticky issue with my mother-in-law, who does not adhere to the kosher dietary laws...
I am due to have twins in a little over a month. My mother in law has decided that she will come to stay with us for a month to help me get back on my feet. I am a nervous wreck about her coming...
My mother-in-law Riva, is a survivor of life, and her dolls symbolize her experiences and struggles along the way. Each doll tells a story...
Through trial and error, and now years of experience, I’ve come to realize that communicating is not about talking and “listening”; it’s about understanding.
My mother in law is constantly criticizing me and my ability to parent. No matter what I do she makes a comment, and often in front of other people...
My mother-in-law had wanted me to find a publisher for the content of her five notebooks that she filled with vignettes, quotes and her philosophy on family and faith. Not only that—she had the major publishing houses in mind.
There are many mothers and daughters-in-law who get along wonderfully. Expect to be one of them.
My son just got engaged to a wonderful Jewish girl, thank G‑d. We love and adore her—she is so good to him. But there is one issue: She has zero interest in Judaism.
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