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Vashti: (4th century BCE) Great-granddaughter of Nebuchadnezzar, wife of Ahasuerus. Took pleasure in tormenting Jewish girls. Was executed for refusing to obey her husband's command to appear at his party.
If Vashti removes all her masks, she instantaneously loses all of her appeal and charm….the "clothes" of evil have no "emperor" within them.
If Vashti removes all her masks, she instantaneously loses all of her appeal and charm….the "clothes" of evil have no "emperor" within them.
A Study of Vashti vs. Esther
What a heroine Vashti was! No? And a disturbing thought suddenly hits me. What about Esther? Was she also "liberated"?
A Brief Retelling of the Book of Esther (Megillah)
The characters of the Purim story come alive in this brief rendition of the miraculous tale. See G-d's delivering hand veiled behind a fascinating story of palace intrigue...
366 BCE
On the seventh day of his royal feast (see Jewish history for 9 Nissan), King Achashverosh demanded that the Queen Vashti appear unclothed to display her beauty before all the attending guests. When Vashti refused this obscene request, the king had her ex...
An insight into the story of Purim and what each character represents.
When I was sixteen, I went to Israel for two months and gained about twenty pounds. I had been thin, even skinny, my whole life and never gave my weight a second thought...
The modern day concept is “if you got it, flaunt it.” Show the world what you have to offer, be out there, be public, the more the better. It just isn’t so exciting to be the heroine behind the scenes . . .
Heroine of the Purim Story
Learn all about Queen Esther, the reluctant heroine of the Purim story.
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 14
Not to be outdone by her husband, the freshly minted monarch Achashvairosh; the royal heiress turned Queen Vashti hosts a parallel female version of the Inaugural Royal Ball. Being equally promiscuous in character and licentious in behavior; her choice of...
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 15
Despite the very public nature of the intoxicated monarch’s request, Queen Vashti brazenly snubs her husband by being a no-show. To add insult to injury, she privately insults her thin-skinned husband by mocking his masculinity. To be sure, she was so lic...
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