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From the Temple service to the Shabbat table, Judaism has a long (and complicated) relationship with wine and drinking.
Torah does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. The pros and cons of alcohol as seen through the lens of Jewish law and tradition.
Whereas throughout the year alcohol consumption is barely tolerated by Jewish tradition, on Purim, the boundaries fall away. Why the change of policy?
Parshat Naso
Our sages say that the original sin of Adam and Eve involved wine, as the Tree of Knowledge was actually (according to one opinion) a grape vine.
A Violent Drunk Wonders if He is Too Damaged for Help
The guilt, remorse, and shame devoured me on a daily basis… My only solution – or so I believed – was to kill the pain with more alcohol. Soon thereafter, I abandoned my wife and children...
Noah sought to rebuild the world based on a new paradigm. He conceived of a more wholesome ideal—freedom from self-consciousness. With the best of intentions, Noah chose intoxication as his means . . .
Is vodka chametz?
Any time grains (wheat, barley, spelt, rye or oat) ferment, the result is chametz (see What is Chametz?). Many types of alcohol are made of, or contain, fermented grain and are therefore chametz. Alcoholic beverages made of other substances are permitted....
Wine and intoxicating beverages are a fascinating subject when viewed from the Torah's perspective. On one hand, we use wine for kiddush and havdallah on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and many, many mitzvot are accompanied by a cup of wine. Blessings are r...
It is difficult to feel loved, or believe the sentence "I love you" when it's heard from someone who may not be lucid, or will not be lucid in an hour or two...
We all know the dangers that alcohol can bring about. But nonetheless, a non-violent person doesn’t suddenly hit, and a gentle and loving person doesn’t suddenly spew hateful remarks. For only what is in the mind and heart can come out through the mouth.....
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