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Breast Cancer

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Every conceivable kind of breast cancer was explained, as well as resources where I could obtain whatever I needed. I didn’t read any of it. It terrified me. I was numb, and felt that I had lost control of my life . . .
Beating Breast Cancer and Helping Others
The cancer had returned after only five years. This time, Meryl chose to undergo a double mastectomy, in addition to chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery. It was the one choice that Meryl feels gave her the best chance at survival, and she has never ha...
The Beauty of Survivorship
Ever since my mastectomy nearly two years ago, I have felt so ugly. Even following reconstructive surgery with a high quality implant I still feel… Disfigured. Unattractive. Only "normal" and "whole" will ever be beautiful to me...
When I first noticed it, I told myself it had probably always been there and I had just never paid attention. But as convincing as I can be, even I didn't buy that...
My Choice to Have a Double Mastectomy
On my forty-ninth birthday last year, I decided that I would make the Mammogram appointment a month earlier than usual...
My struggle with breast cancer
Karen Birer recounts the inner resolve and fortitude in her unwavering battle to overcome this life-threatening illness. (A short talk at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto in 2015)
A group affiliated with Chabad in Merrick, N.Y., makes concrete efforts to boost health and hope
Living on Long Island, N.Y., where the rates of breast cancer are considerably higher than the rest of the United States, Rabbi Shimon and Chanie Kramer have met their share of women dealing with the disease. “There are a lot of people who, unfortunately,...
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