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Altar, The

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Two altars -- one inner, one outer; one of gold, one of copper -- as they correspond to two very different versions of our emotional experience of life.
How the precise location of the altar was determined in the Holy Temple. This Torah class is connected with the 9th of Av.
“And they shall build for me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within them.” The Sages explain: “within them” – within the heart of every single Jew.
The verse in Parshas Tetzaveh states: “The Altar is holy of holies, all that touches it shall become sanctified.” Chabad Chassidic teaching explains that the Holy Altar corresponds to the heart of every Jew.
Determination, obstinacy and ambition are essential attitudes for striving to reach one’s spiritual goals. But if a good stiff neck is not tempered by humility, then it becomes very difficult to move one’s head.
The Torah demands that the stones used to build the Holy Temple be unblemished. But what defines a blemish? In answering this question, this class presents a novel definition of perfection and a deeper appreciation of the Holy Temple. (Based on Likutei Si...
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