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The story and its powerful message
“In a beautiful palace on a mountain so high, Shamil rules his kingdom with pride.”
This soulful melody has a rich background involving a Chechen tribe leader named Shamil.
A story of bondage and freedom portrays the mystery of life
A story is told of a man named Shamil, a leader of assorted tribes that lived in Russia’s Caucasian Mountains over a century ago. The Russian army attacked these tribes, intending to deprive them of their freedom. Unable to vanquish the valiant warriors i...
Kos Shel Bracha – Motzaei Pesach, 5750 • April 17, 1990
Composed by a cossak who was arrested and yearned for his home and his freedom, this Niggun expresses the yearning of the soul to be where it belongs, close to Hashem. Taught by the Rebbe on Simchas Torah 5719.
There is a historical connection between the Chabad movement and the Sephardic world.
An examination of the niggun 'shamil' taught by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Medel Schneerson, on Simchat Torah night, 1958.
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