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Theft, Stealing

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The Talmud on Theft and Robbery, Lesson 1
Discover the Torah’s principles and parameters behind the prohibition related to theft and robbery. We learn two differing perspectives for defining the prohibition of stealing, providing new depth to understanding the precept.
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the fine for stealing an ox or sheep
In explaining the law of how much a thief pays for an animal he’s stolen and killed, Rashi unpacks the question of whether the courts should focus on retribution or compensation.
Insights on Personal Growth
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 254
The Noahide Code
In this class we examine the various prohibitions and obligations that stem from the broader Noahide laws against murder, forbidden sexual behavior and theft.
The Eighth Commandment
"You shall not steal."
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 250
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