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Rav: (d. 247) His given name was Abba bar Aibu, but was known simply as "Rav" ("rabbi"). Last of the Mishnaic sages and the first of the Babylonian Talmudic sages. Born in Babylon, he studied in Israel in his youth, but returned to Babylon and studied in Nahardea, where he befriended Samuel bar Abba and was appointed as "Inspector of the Markets" by the exilarch. Rav later moved to Sura, where he founded a Torah academy and transformed the city into a center of Jewish scholarship.
Every Jewish boy who has learned Gemora, is familiar with the names of Rav and Shmuel - the two great Amoraim, who were colleagues. They lived at the time of the first generation of Amoraim and carried on with the two great Yeshivoth (Torah Academies) of ...
"And these are the laws (Mishpatim) which you shall set before them" (Exodus 21:1) With the expression "set before them" (rather than "teach them") G-d emphasized that Moses should not merely teach the Torah's laws to the people once, in cursory fashion. ...
As the community grew, Babylonian Jewry developed unique Torah and political institutions.
When I use the flame of my faith to light someone else’s candle, mine is not diminished.
By the Grace of G‑d 11 Sivan, 5738 [June 16, 1978] Brooklyn, N.Y. Sholom uBrocho: I received your letter of June 13, in which you write about the Skokie situation and ask what you should do about it. There is a clear ruling in our Torah, Toras Chayim, tha...
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 14
In discussing lighting Chanukah candles one from another considering the principle of respect for a mitzvah, the Talmud quotes three disputes between Rav and Shmuel, in-which the halachic ruling follows Shmuel instead of Rav.
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