Second Marriage

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Jewish customs, traditions, and perspective for second weddings.
Advice for those who are searching for a mate the second time around. No matter how the first marriage ended, the next one can be made to work.
Question: My wife was killed in a car wreck 21 years ago, yet to this day I find it hard to fall in love with another woman. How can I be totally committed to her when I still long for my late wife? I would feel so guilty. I am 52 years old now and really...
I am recently married to a wonderful man who has two teenage children from his first marriage. The problem is that they have decided they hate me, even though they don't know me, and they are really making my life miserable...
How Lawrence Met Esther
After Lawrence and Esther met only a few times, Lawrence proposed. Though Esther felt that this was her dream come true, she still felt she had to "sort things out."
The Challenges of a Blended Family
In my home, my children from my previous marriage live with us full time. I am sure that their father feels his loss quite vividly, especially during holiday times...
I recall the time that I was between spouses and dating, I questioned how in the world I would find someone to really love my children...
Chana Question: My husband passed away several years ago. I am now in my seventies, and while I kind of learned to take care of myself, to do whatever is necessary without the help and support of my husband of fifty years, it seems that loneliness suddenl...
Life After Divorce
I always tell people, I made two very smart decisions in my life: 1) to get married, and 2) to get divorced . . .
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