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Finding purpose in a life where nothing seems normal anymore
The search for a meaningful and purposeful life is the great equalizer among people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. We all want to believe that we’re a part of something bigger; we want to feel that our existence means something. But what does i...
The Rabbi and the Suicidal Teen
What attitude will provide a sense of purpose in life? Knowing that G-d loves me or that G-d needs me?
An Inspirational Talk
Insights and inspiration on how to find deeper meaning in our everyday existence.
Torah Thoughts on the Meaning of Life
Is it possible to be living but not be alive? What it takes to get in touch with your essential self and activate the point within your soul that gives meaning to life.
with Chaya Teldon
The topic of the soul is a true mystery, as it relates to things of the spirit which cannot be felt in a tangible way. Yet it is very much a reality in our belief system.
A good homemaker is missing nothing in her home, but she also has nothing extra. Extra possessions in one’s domain make clutter, they’re a distraction. So too, in the words of the Talmud: “G-d did not create even one detail in His world in vain.” If an in...
Understanding the concept of "dira betachtonim," G-d asking us to turn our world into a home for Him.
Unable to speak or type due to having ALS, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz uses his eyes to communicate and write heartfelt Torah thoughts. Watch him share with us his powerful message of finding purpose even in the most difficult circumstances.
In the face of all our many imperfections, what does it mean to hope for - and attain - redemption? In this last installment of “Love. Joy. Truth.” join us as we explore the utility of failure, and the meaning of redemption.
A deeper look into the ultimate objective of everything
In this class, the story of an encounter between an Israeli army officer and a Russian immigrant in the heady aftermath of the Six Day War becomes a symbol for Judaism's ultimate mission-statement. Explore the purpose of life on three progressively deeper...
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