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They had conceived, become swollen and pregnant, but were stuck and waiting to deliver. The womb that had been Egypt was now a place of confinement. It was the midwives who corrected this disconnection and brought the redemption into the world...
The Midwife of Over 30,000 Babies
With 46 years of midwifery experience and over 30,000 babies under her belt, Mrs. Deevon is almost certainly the most prolific and senior midwife in all of Israel...
The Role of a Doula in Childbirth
The one consistent thing that every doula brings to a birth is a willingness to offer the birthing mother whatever support she needs to help her get through this powerful experience with confidence, strength, dignity and love.
The important factors to consider and the important questions to ask when making the first major decision during your pregnancy: where you will give birth?
As my due date of Oct. 1 neared, it became clear that not only would this be a COVID birth, it would be during the three-week (or longer) lockdown in Israel.
A doula and teacher who valiantly fought an auto-immune disease
In the book of Exodus, we are first introduced to the prophetess Miriam, sister of Moses. There, the Torah—referring to her and her mother as Shifrah and Puah—tells us of their self-sacrifice to defy Pharaoh’s decree to murder all Jewish newborn boys. Ins...
Who were these heroines who were willing to risk their lives only to never be mentioned in the Torah again?
Although I had never had a child, I had a sense that birth was supposed to be more than just a medical procedure, but the threshold through which women are refined into mothers...
Education is never going to be the best-paid profession, but I’ve always been excited at the thought of helping people to reach their potential.
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