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Sharon, Ariel

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Over the years, he sought spiritual guidance and strategic counsel from the Rebbe
Video highlighting the relationship between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
A brief overview of the relationship of Ariel Sharon with the Rebbe
"Why should we pray for him?" one community member responded to my e-mail. "Have you already forgotten what he did to our brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip?"
2 Nissan, 5751-1991
Happy Pesach to all of Israel, and a message to Mr. Arik Sharon to remain strong in his beliefs, and not to be swayed.
1 Sivan, 5749 · June 4, 1989
The Rebbe instructs former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to stay strong in regards to all areas of Torah as pertains to the land of Israel.
An excerpt from a recently discovered 1969 recording of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon describing his second private audience with the Rebbe.
After the first El Al plane was hijacked to Algiers, the story began to circulate of the Rebbe’s advice to Ariel Sharon not to board that flight. Rabbi Zev Segal decided to corroborate the story with the Rebbe himself.
Israel Defense Force general Ariel Sharon was mourning the death of his son Gur, who was killed in a gun accident a short time after the Six Day War. The Rebbe sent a group of his emissaries to bring a letter to Sharon along with a new pair of tefillin. I...
When Sharon sought the Rebbe’s counsel in 1970 about whether he should retire from the military and enter politics, the Rebbe strongly encouraged him to remain at his post.
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