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Jacob Blesses his Children

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Every one of the 12 tribes has its specific energy which it must manifest in this world.
Every one of the 12 tribes has its specific energy which it must manifest in this world.
Why did Jacob want to tell his sons that Moshiach would not be arriving for thousands of years? And why was he prevented from doing so?
Many act like it ain't happening. They dress the dead in tuxes and ballroom dresses and do the dead's hair and apply them with make-up. We're here to celebrate a life, they chirp, while the elephant in the room swishes his large head
One moment of action, against nine years of prayer and fasting...
If life were a chessboard, would you be a pawn who can travel only in one direction?
Topics include: a mystical reason for why tefillin are made of leather, the connection between Jacob and Rabbi Akiba, and why Jacob did not bless two of his twelve sons.
10 Teves, 5748 · December 31, 1987
In the fifth section of the Torah portion of Vayechi, Jacob's blessings to four of his sons are grouped together: "A troop marches forth from the tribe of Gad... The tribe of Asher will be a wellspring of olive oil... Naftali is a swift gazelle... Joseph,...
A lesson from Jacob's blessing to his grandson Efraim.
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Vayechi
"[Jacob] blessed [Ephraim and Menashe] on that day, saying: With you, Israel will bless, saying, 'May G-d make you like Ephraim and like Menashe,'" (Genesis 48:20). Why do Jewish parents continue to this day to bless their children to be like these two gr...
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