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Yizkor: prayer for the souls of departed parents recited on certain festival days
What is Yizkor... When is Yizkor Said... Laws and Costums... The Text of the Yizkor Prayer...
The Origins and Significance of the Yizkor Memorial Prayer... The Rubric of the Memorial Service... Text of the Yizkor... For Whom Yizkor Is Recited... When Is Yizkor Recited? ... Candle Lighting for Yizkor...
Join together before the Yom Kippur, as we remember our loved ones in a traditional Yizkor memorial webcast. Featuring a Yizkor sermon by prolific speaker Rabbi Yossi Goldman and music and song led by world renowned singer Benny Friedman.
Join together before the holiday, as we remember our loved ones in a traditional Yizkor memorial webcast. Featuring an inspiring memorial message by Rabbi Moshe Bryski and heartfelt tunes by cantor Aryeh Leib Hurwitz.
For the first time in our modern Jewish history, virtually all Synagogues around the world will be shut on the Final Day of Pesach. Never in living memory has nobody gone to Shul to recite the sacred memorial prayer of Yizkor and honor the eternal souls o...
How We View Our Collective Past as Jews
A compelling argument for the case that Jewish education must portray our ancestors not as individuals who once lived, but as people who are alive today.
The value of community in times of grief as well as joy.
Memorial Prayer
Yizkor, the memorial prayer for the departed, is observed on specific holidays for the souls of those who passed on.
For the first 33 years of my life, I never probed the reason why non-mourners leave the room. I was happy to be legally expelled from the synagogue and catch a schmooze with a fellow yizkor-evacuee...
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