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The prevalence of suicide in our society has been gradually rising. What is Judaism's perspective on this urgent and oft-times taboo topic.
I just found out that someone I was quite close with committed suicide. I am so shocked and overwhelmed by the news, but I am also feeling incredibly guilty...
The best antidote for depression is serving others.
It would take just one click. It was simple. One click and it would all be over . . .
How Words Can Kill
The headlines scream, "Madoff's latest victim" and indeed it is. Just hours ago we read how Mark, the married father of two children, hung himself in his apartment while his baby slept in another room...
A Fourteen Year Old Rape Victim Shares Her Story
I couldn't talk about the rape. If I talked about it I would feel it, it would be real. I wanted to pretend like it didn't happen, and if no one knew it was easier to pretend...
Question: Recently, my nephew was found dead in his room. We know it was suicide. His father—my sister’s husband and my husband’s brother—was against his choice of fiancée. We’ve told everyone it was a heart attack—he had heart problems before. My sister ...
He pounded until his hands hurt, but still, no answer. He rammed his body into the door until his shoulder ached. Finally, he managed to break the door open. "Yussie?" the rabbi called out. "Yussie, are you here?!"
Is it true that if you commit suicide, you won't go to heaven? But if there is no Jewish hell, where will you go?
a 9/11 story
Dan told me that in recent days, as images of the 9-11 attacks appeared on television again and again with the approach of the anniversary, Sasha had become even more depressed, to the point that he was suicidal.
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