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Yibbum (Levirate Marriage)

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If a married man dies childless the widow is to marry her dead husband's brother. This practice is known as Yibbum. Alternatively, they can perform a procedure known as Chalitzah. Here's an overview of the Chalitzah ceremony.
Judah, Tamar, and the inner meaning of levirate marriage
Judah, Tamar, and the inner meaning of levirate marriage.
Shoes have always played a role in history and culture. What about Jews and shoes?
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Three, Section 7
Reincarnation in the secret of yibum
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Two, Section 7
A gilgul where all the NR"N may reincarnate together
"Gate of Reincarnations": Introduction to Chapter Nine
Destiny, reincarnation, marriage, and soul-mates are all detailed in the Kabbalah
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