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Joseph's Dreams

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Parshah Curiosities: Vayeishev
How to Study Torah - Vayeishev
What are the meanings of Joseph's dreams which angered his brothers and caused the chain of events that ultimately caused the entire Jewish people to go into exile in Egypt?
A man should tell his dream only to someone who loves him. (Zohar)
A man should tell his dream only to someone who loves him. (Zohar)
Is there really such a thing as a "Jewish work ethic"? If yes, where did it originate? Who is the only man dubbed by the Bible "a successful man"?
This drawing shows Joseph on his bed, dreaming the dreams he will tell his brothers (Genesis 35: 5-10). He said to them: "We were binding sheaves in the field and my sheaf arose and stood upright and your sheaves stood round about and bowed down to my she...
We alcoholics and addicts know all too well how fast and easy payoffs come back to haunt us. But this pertains not only to our drinking days but to our recovery as well...
To date, I never dreamt that sheaves of wheat bowed to me. I have also never dreamt about bulimic bovines or anorexic agriculture. Then again, I am not the biblical Joseph or Pharaoh, the king of Egypt...
Pharaoh's critical mistake was a failure to understand Joseph and his people
A deeper look at Joseph’s dreams; the lessons that can be learned from them and Jacob's reaction.
The story is told of a fellow who dreamt that there was a treasure to be found under a bridge in a distant city...
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