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Isaac Blesses Jacob

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The mystical dimension of Yitzchak’s awesome blessings
When Yitzchak bestows the blessing of the first-born, rather than invoking the name of G-d associated with mercy and benevolence, he invokes the name of G-d associated with judgment and severity. This class will explain this oddity and offers an encouragi...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 10, Toldos sicha 2
Yitzchak's blessing to Yaakov highlights the greatness of a Ba'al Teshuvah.
Parshah Curiosities: Toldot
The story of Yaakov deceiving his father and stealing the blessings from his brother Eisav is full of mystery. One peculiar detail is Eisav’s special garment that Yaakov wears for the scheme.
Jacob and Esau wrestled with each-other while yet in their mother's womb. Their struggle, explain our Sages, was over possession of both this world – the physical, and the hereafter – the spiritual. But why the battle over both worlds?! Jacob desires the ...
Yitzckok Blesses Yaakov
Ch. 27, verses 28 - 38: Yitzhok unwittingly blesses Yaakov with the firstborn blessing. Yaakov exists just before Esau enters with the food for his father. Esau cries bitterly when his realizes that Yaakov had duped him and taken the blessing. He asks his...
Yaakov Prepares to Steal Eisav's Blessings
Ch. 27, verses 11 - 27: Based on his Mother's insistence, Yaakov puts on Esau's clothing. He places goat's hair on his arms and takes the food that his mother has prepared to his father. His father is not sure who is standing in front of him since the voi...
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