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Chabad-Lubavitch: A chassidic movement founded by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi in the latter part of the 18th century that emphasizes the importance of "Chabad," an acronym for “Chochmoh, Binah, Da’at” (wisdom, understanding and knowledge); the concept of studying and understanding G-d and His relationship with the world. Lubavitch is the name of the townlet in the county of Mohilev, White Russia, which served as the center of the Chabad Chassidism for four generations.
Question: I am slowly coming back to my Jewish roots and have been exploring different synagogues. I try to understand the philosophy behind each group, but am especially struggling to understand Chabad. There seems to be such a difference in observance b...
The answer to your question is both and neither. Allow me to explain: Chabad, as well as all other chassidic groups, finds its roots in Eastern Europe, which was the home to much of Ashkenazic Jewry. As such, initially, most of Chabad’s adherents were of ...
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