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Eldad & Medad

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Eldad & Medad: Originally selected to be members of the seventy elders council, but humbly declined to join the other elders for the initiation ceremony at the Tabernacle. They nevertheless were endowed with prophetic power, drawing upon themselves Joshua’s ire.
Eldad and Medad are the protagonists of a cryptic episode in the portion of Behaalotecha
They should have been among the elders who gathered at the Tabernacle, upon whom G‑d conferred of Moses' spirit, but instead remained in the camp. But why didn't they join the rest of the elders?
Departure from Sinai, The People Ask For Meat, The Seventy Elders, Miriam's Sin
The Korach rebellion was an unholy alliance of individuals and groups unhappy with Moses’ leadership.
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