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Midian: An ancient Middle Eastern nation descended from Abraham and Keturah. After Balaam failed in his attempt to curse the Israelites, he successfully advised the Midianites to send their daughters to seduce the Israelite men, which caused a plague to strike the Israelites. At G-d’s command, the Israelites then waged war against the Midianites, killing almost all of them.
Humility and self nullification will make you into a unifier and it will bring you to love another for no reason.
Classic Questions Did the tribe of Levi have to fight? (v. 4) Rashi: [The words] "all the tribes" come to include the tribe of Levi. Rambam: Why did the tribe of Levi not merit a portion in the Land of Israel and its spoils, as their brothers did? Because...
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