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Land for "Peace"

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Was it my job to express an opinion that was so blatantly opposed to that of all those present?
Israel will fight back until Hamas and Hezbollah accept a cease fire, at least for the time being. Yet that is exactly what we must fear...
On the rare occasions when we are swayed by an "opinion piece" on a controversial issue, more often than not it's not by the arguments made, but by who is making them
Thoughts on the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections
It's hard for us to comprehend that there are people who are merciless and get joy out of murder. Innately, we refuse to see that we are being tricked, preferring to believe that our enemies want peace, as we do...
Kabbalah encourages us after the trauma of the disengagement.
Kabbalah encourages us after the trauma of the disengagement.
"Peace" is commonly regarded as synonymous with compromise. But what if you compromise the very foundation on which the existence of peace depends?
Just as the sun had sighed its last rays, the king and his guards sighted a small bright cottage, whose light bravely defied the dusk of an already darkened valley...
"In these days of confusion the Rebbe's statesmanship and strategic vision are a wellspring of living waters."
In the spring of 1967, as the Arab capitals paraded their arms and openly spoke of overrunning the Land of Israel and casting its inhabitants into the sea, a great panic enveloped the land.
A special burden and privilege rests upon Israel's citizens and its government: to preserve the Jewish integrity of the country
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