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If making kiddush and listening to the shofar enhances our relationship with G‑d—as we believe all mitzvot do—why the strict time limitation? Is it not the thought, and the desire to connect, that count more than all else?
What happened in the past is behind us in the rearview mirror. The future looms ahead, just beyond the horizon. Is there any way to circumvent this seeming unavoidable truth?
The Importance of Family Dinners
As we sit together, laughing about anything and everything, savoring the meal and reviewing the day's events, I gaze at my children...
This won't happen again for another hundred years. I may forget by then. Should I wake up at 2:00 AM to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment?
What, exactly, is a "supernatural" event?
Imagine that you are living your life on the rim of a spinning wheel. Round and round it turns, faster and faster
Why was the sanctification of the moon the first commandment to the Jewish Nation?
Why was the sanctification of the moon the first commandment to the Jewish Nation?
It began and it will end and then it will be no more. Each breath, each tick, each beat of the heart comes only once; none will ever repeat itself precisely. Every instant of life is a raw but precious stone, beckoning...
Is time a line? Is it a circle, or perhaps a series of interlocking circles? Or is it a spiral? A swinging pendulum? A terrain? A sea? An organism?
All throught the night, whenever this clock sounded the hour, the guest leapt from his bed and danced for joy. "it's quite an ordinary clock," said the surprised innkeeper
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