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If we are honest with ourselves we would have to admit that laser-guided missiles and Abrams tanks are more lethal killing machines than a masked man with a butcher knife. So what is it about these anachronistic beheadings that offends us so much?
Some people think Judaism is all about tradition. It's not. It's about making a whole new world
The thought first occurred to me in the throes of pre-Passover cleaning: What an incredibly easy religion. I don't say it aloud; to do so would elicit hostile stares from all the exhausted people in the room
Why is the belief in Moshiach and the Redemption so central to Judaism? What makes it one of the “thirteen principles” of the Jewish faith upon which its entire edifice rests?
Anti-Semitism bears testimony to the Almighty’s watchful eye which continues to guide us through our providential mission on earth.
Natalia Soral, a photography enthusiast and art history major, is passionate about discovering and preserving her city’s Jewish past.
When we kindle our Chanukah candles each year, the light that glows is the spirit of faith and determination of the Maccabees.
Learn all about Judaism’s special mitzvahs, beautiful traditions and inspiring holidays, their meaning, and the first steps to start doing Jewish.
Deed vs. creed. Action is what matters.
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