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Inspiration from the teachings and wisdom of Maimonides on the topic of medicine and healthy living.
Forty Generations from Moses to the Talmudic Sages
Gaining Strength from Maimonides’ Wisdom
Join a broadcast from Israel hosted by Colel Chabad. With greetings from: Former Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Chief Rabbi David Lau, Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion. Keynote address: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan.
On 4 Iyar, 4925 (1165), Maimonides sets sail from Fez, Morocco, to escape Islamic persecution. The journey is fraught with danger, including a storm on 10 Iyar that threatens to capsize his ship. Finally, on 3 Sivan, Maimonides arrives safely in Acco, Isr...
Time and time again, it appeared as if the plucky nation of monotheists would be swallowed up by the religion du jour
Completing the daily study of Maimonides
Join the global online webcast celebrating the 37th completion of the annual daily-study cycle of Maimonides' 14-volumes of Mishneh Torah, as well as the study cycle of Sefer HaMitzvot.
A historical walk through 800 years of history of Rambam and his Mishneh Torah.
The Rambam's nutritional science and the cultivation of consciousness
The Rambam's take on health, consciousness, and the limits of human knowledge.
Five philosophers on G-d, creation, and the health of the soul
Al-Kindi, Al-Razi and Ibn-Tufal were three influential Muslim thinkers who participated in a great intellectual endeavor alongside the most famous Jewish philosophers of the medieval era.
Do people with mistaken beliefs merit the world to come?
Clarifying seemingly contradictory statements from Maimonides on his attitude towards heretics. Looking at how others, (particularly the Kabbalists) viewed Maimonides' attitude toward people who have erroneous beliefs. And the importance of correct belief...
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