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Frankl’s theory, developed decades ago, still rings true in our times. How, then, according to his system, does man find this elusive “meaning”? How can we define what “meaning” is? This is where Frankl seems to get stuck...
with Chaya Teldon
The topic of the soul is a true mystery, as it relates to things of the spirit which cannot be felt in a tangible way. Yet it is very much a reality in our belief system.
Finding Your Spiritual Anchor amid the Din of Life
What is true leadership? Let us first examine the core values that serve as a spiritual anchor in life.
It's been an awfully long time since I spotted the last road sign. And the darker it becomes, the harder I strain to see ahead. And then, when the despair is almost reaching a fever pitch, I see it...
Down there, on the ground, was the piece of art. That's what they called it, anyway. It was black-and-white checkerboard tile. It looked like somebody had cut a square out of a kitchen floor and placed it on the ground. "You're kidding, right?"
As life passes, we are usually happy just to have survived another day. But from time to time we pause to listen to that nagging question in the back of our mind, "What makes me unique in this world? What is my personal mission in life?" King David procla...
Happiness comes with clarity of direction from within, and the ability to give meaning to every situation and experience. Haman could not be happy because his joy was purely external...
The greatest thinkers and psychoanalysts have grappled with the question that lies at the core of our being: what are we all about? Discover how Torah illuminates this entire subject.
Where Up is Down and Black is White
I live in the Bizarro World. Bizarro World is a parallel universe in Superman's world where everything is the opposite. Up is down. Black is white. Right is wrong.
So, by following our spiritual path of the Twelve Steps we are building a factory on the other side of the wall. By turning our will and our lives to the care of G-d, we have the Gift of Purpose.
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