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Yearning for and Anticipating the Redemption

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15 Shevat, 5741 • January 20, 1981
The Previous Rebbe was once approached with the following dilemma: You profess to expect Moshiach’s coming “immediately.” Yet, at the same time, you make long-term plans, as if expecting exile to continue for the foreseeable future?
9 Shevat, 5730 • January 16, 1970
Completion ceremony for the “Sefer Torah to Greet Moshiach,” commissioned by the Previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch, in 1942.
As one of the principles of our faith, we believe in the coming of Moshiach and anticipate his arrival. Why is it important to also await his coming?
Tracing the origins of campaigns championing the imminent arrival of Moshicah, from the passionate activities of the Chofetz Chaim through the popularization via Chabad and the ensuing tensions.
The Rebbe would passionately beseech G-d to bring Moshiach and encourage others to also ask for Moshiach to come now. This episode rebuts arguments of those that have criticized this approach.
A Chassidic Perspective on the Final Redemption
Maimonides codifies the belief and anticipation to the coming of Moshiach as an absolute imperative in Judaism. Why is it so necessary to await and year for the Messianic Era?
An address after the tragic murder of wife and mother, Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine: Everything that occurs in this world is by Divine plan; how much more so when a Jewish life is given in sanctification of G-d’s Name. But that doesn’t make the pain any easier ...
20 Nissan, 5748 · April 7, 1988
In Jewish law, when someone converts to Judaism, they are referred to as: “a convert who converts.” The obvious question: Before he converted, he was not yet a “convert,” he was a gentile? The commentaries explain that when a person converts it proves tha...
The Evil Inclination may approach a Jew and claim, “You’ve been busy studying Torah and doing mitzvos – but I’ve been out there in the real world. There are so many other nations, so many influences which oppose Torah study and Jewish observance. You can ...
There are those who question: “Why do you speak so much about bringing Moshiach?” “Why don’t you rely on G-d – after all, He’s the one Who sent us into Exile in the first place!” If the Jewish People in the time of Moses had followed this line of logic, a...
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