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High Holidays

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The right way to approach the Yom Kippur high.
On Yom Kippur we can experience a spiritual high and transcendent inspiration, but how do we avoid the disappointing crash that may follow this extraordinary high? What can we do to keep the inspiration going for the rest of the year?
Analyzing and interpreting four Chassidic texts on the High Holidays
A description of the Kabbalistic and Chassidic dimensions of the High Holidays, and how they carry through into the holiday of Sukkot.
The High Holidays and Prayer
A 90 second insight on the High Holidays period
Three easy steps to be a better Jew on the High Holidays.
Do the Jewish Thing!
Since Jake was little, he was taught that life is about having “things”. We have the right things for the right time… This year for the High Holidays come do the Jewish thing!
Perspectives on the High-Holiday Prayer
One of the most poignant moments of the High-Holiday prayers is the recital of the liturgical poem, Unessanneh Tokef. What is its significance? Who composed it, and under what circumstances?
Esther as a model for a higher mode of prayer
On its most basic level, to pray is to ask G-d to provide for your needs. But the story of Esther provides a loftier model, which should guide us as we approach the High Holidays.
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
The High Holidays: Lesson 1
Rosh Hashanah as the yearly coronation of G-d as king. First in a 3-part series about the High Holidays.
Chapter 27 of Psalms begins, "By David: The Lord is my Light!" and is known by the Hebrew words, "L'David Hashem Ori." This psalm is customarily recited twice a day starting a month before Rosh Hashanah. What is the deeper meaning of this prayer and what ...
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