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Soviet Era

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The untold story of the secret Chabad underground in the former Soviet Union
Precious little is known of the tremendous devotion and self-sacrifice of Chabad activists in upholding Judaism against the oppressive Communists’ ruthless stamping out of religion. Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie shares fascinating insights and anecdotes to illustr...
Philanthropist Lev Leviev on His Ties to Chabad in the Soviet Union
Billionaire philanthropist Lev Leviev speaks about his family's early exposure to Chasidism and how he came to help Jews living in the former Soviet Union.
26 Adar, 5751• March 12, 1991
Jewish artifacts and property were stolen and stored away by the Soviet Government. Now changes are sweeping across Russia, and this should make it easier to retrieve what has been lost.
22 Kislev, 5751 • December 9, 1990
A conversation in Russian. Through your newspaper, you must reach out to every Jew and encourage them to increase their observance of Torah and Mitzvot. Teach them about the commandment of charity.
30 Shevat, 5750 · February 25, 1990
May G-d help you to do “more than your best” in providing for the special needs of the Russian Jews who can finally leave the Soviet Union.
12 Tammuz 5745 • July 1, 1985
The Stalinist regime that imprisoned my father-in-law, the Rebbe, in 1927, was then a superpower. Despite that, he defied his oppressors. He did not budge an inch in anything that jeopardized his principles. Even at the train station, about to be exiled, ...
The following talk, as others in its genre, was meant as encouragement for the underground Russian Jewish movement. Some of these talks or their translation into Russian would be broadcast on Radio Free Europe, reaching the oppressed peoples of the Soviet...
In Sefer Hasichos 5702, the Previous Rebbe relates some of the struggle that Chassidim endured in the Soviet Union. Warned against practicing Judaism under threat of danger to their lives, the Previous Rebbe gathered his closest Chassidim and made a pact....
11 Nissan, 5732 · March 26, 1972
After over fifty years of persecution, Soviet Jews have come out whole in their Judaism and with children following in their ways. Having served G-d with such sacrifice for over a halfcentury, one might argue that they have done their fair share — now it’...
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