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Prohibition of Work on Shabbat

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Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 11, Parsha Beshalach
This sicha is a Siyum on tractate Eruvin.
The conclusion of the book of Tanya discusses the theme of observing Shabbat also on an inner dimension. (From an event celebrating the 19th of Kislev at Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan)
Something Spiritual on Parshat Va'etchanan
The Torah says to remember and guard the Shabbat together. This refers to the dos and don’ts in observing Shabbat.
Understanding this forbidden labor on five levels
The prohibition on Shabbat to light a flame is explicitly stated in the Torah, different than the other 39 categories of forbidden labor, which are only implicitly derived from the labors performed in the construction of the mishkan. Why does the Torah si...
The soul of Shabbat
A new and deeply personal appreciation of Shabbat emerges as we examine: (a) the nature of work forbidden on Shabbat; (b) the connection between Shabbat and the construction of the Sanctuary; (c) why the Torah singles out the prohibition of kindling a fir...
Jewish legal disputes in the Venice Ghetto
The Chief Rabbi of Venice's attempt to permit gondola travel on Shabbat. The life and times of Rabbi Simone Luzzatto, 1583–1663.
Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin’s secret
The Laws of Shabbat
On Shabbat we abstain from creative work. In this introductory class we learn some of the underlying principles for rabbinic prohibition on Shabbat with examples to illustrate their practical application.
The Laws of Shabbat
On Shabbat we abstain from creative work. In this introductory class we learn how work is defined and classified with respect to the biblical obligation to rest on the Sabbath.
On Shabbat work is forbidden. But what defines work? The Torah defines work as any of the activities that were required for the construction or function of the Mishkan, the Divine Sanctuary. This class will explain the deeper connection between Shabbat an...
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