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Israel Defense Force (IDF)

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The greatest hostage rescue in history
In July 1976, Israel successfully executed the bold Entebbe rescue mission, codenamed “Operation Thunderbolt,” flying thousands of miles over enemy territory to rescue Jewish hostages being held by terrorists in Uganda. Join IDF Commander Sassy Reuven for...
When Shmuel Blizinsky served in the Israel Defense Forces in the early 1950s, he was only able to find twelve religious soldiers on his entire base. As it turned out, the Rebbe was able to find three thousand. (1951)
The Talmud relates that King David and his general, Yoav Ben Tzeruya, supplemented each other. David was immersed in the study of Torah, while Yoav went out to battle.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 20
In the wake of the 1982 Lebanon War, the Rebbe speaks about the foolish and dangerous stance of making concessions in the hopes of winning favor in the eyes of other nations. Guest Expert: Rabbi Moshe Spalter. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 20)
The Israeli government must set its priorities in Operation “Peace for Galilee.” From the outset, the military experts made it clear that casualties could be minimized on both sides of the conflict by a swift operation, which could be over in days. Even t...
Quality versus Quantity
Recent generations have witnessed a paradigm shift in the art of warfare. Whereas it used to be the quantity of one’s soldiers and weaponry that deterred war or proved victory in the battlefield, today it is the quality of one’s arsenal that matters most....
Much success in protecting the Land of Israel, as well as protecting the spiritual integrity of the Land of Israel. May the Jews in the Holy Land be protected, and by extension, the Jews all over the world. Good tidings, and happy holiday. (Collage)
The legendary Brigadier General Ran Ronen-Pecker, one of Israel’s most decorated “ace” fighter pilots, reflects on his encounters with the Rebbe.
“Shalom Aleichem” on the Violin
Mr. Yosef Lautenberg was injured in the battle for Jerusalem in 1948, and among the founders of the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization. In 1976 he led the Israeli delegation, made up in large part of injured IDF veterans, to the Paralympics in Toronto, an...
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