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Nezikin (2)
The Fifth Book of the Mishnah: Kodashim (Holy Things)
The "holy things" referred to in this Book of the Mishnah are the sacrifices performed in the Temple by the kohanim (priests).
The Fourth Book of the Mishnah: Nezikin (Damages)
Civil litigation, criminal codes, business regulations, and real es¬tate law are all treated in this Book of the Mishnah.
The Third Book of the Mishnah: Nashim (Women)
This Book of the Mishnah addresses laws governing aspects of Jewish family life such as marriage, betrothal, divorce and inheritance.
Jewish criminal and civil law are discussed in a triad of tractates named Bava Kama (First Gate), Bava Metziah (Middle Gate), and Bava Batra (Final Gate). This class reveals the spiritual dimension of these laws as an illuminating roadmap to self-refineme...
When Mrs. Alice Zlotnick’s husband, Professor Dov Zlotnick, told the Rebbe about the success of his Talmud class in Riverdale, New York, he received an unexpected challenge, which he duly passed on to his wife.
Menachem Farkash
At the age of twelve, Menachem completed learning the entire 6 books of the Mishna.
“The Alter Rebbe writes that in the merit of the study of Mishnah we will be redeemed from exile. May you bear good tidings in your project to encourage Mishnah study in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.”
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