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Unity; Oneness

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Unity and differing opinions in Torah
Understanding the nature of differing opinions in Torah, and how the Halachic ruling does not favor one view and reject the other, but rather unites them both.
The Ten Commandments Are Only for Moses?
Our Sages explain that the Ten Commandments were stated in the second person singular, rather than the plural, in order to provide Moses with an argument in defense of the Jewish People after they had worshipped the Golden Calf: Moses would be able to, an...
A New Course from Jewish.tv on the True Nature of the Unity of G-d
Are we a contradiction to G-d's omnipresence? Can our world and G-d coesxit?
Torah does not accept the premise that an act done in private only affects oneself. Science now knows that in many complex systems, small causes can have very unpredictable affects. Spiritually, we are one interconnected system, and have far reaching affe...
Showing support to the soldiers and our brothers and sisters in Israel
Rabbi Mendel Kaplan headed a special delegation to Israel amidst the war in Gaza. He met with soldiers, parents that lost their children in battle, and communities in the south terrorized by rocket fire; and tells of his incredible trip.
Do you get upset at your own hands, mouth, nose etc. for not always getting things right? Here’s a refreshing perspective on viewing our people.
Parsha Korach
How Korach, who championed equality, became the symbol of divisiveness. And how the Divine punishments visited upon Korach and his band are the natural consequences of their failed rebellion. (Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Sicha 3)
Farbreng, Episode 2
The Torah’s axiom to love your friend as yourself, in essence means to love the other in accordance with their needs and wants—not merely what you want for yourself. (From “Messages”—Season 2, Episode 2)
Often we think of peace as getting everyone to feel or think the same. Peace is actually not about being the same, it's about being different
There are many activities that can bring people together. Eating, drinking, and working together for a common goal are just a few examples.
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