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Love & Awe of G-d

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The secret of reflective emotions (Ch. 46-47)
Why yawning is contagious and the secret of reflective love
The way to love G-d (Tanya ch. 44)
If you love life you can love G-d. A cricketer, a shark, and the Chinese government will tell us why…
Uncovering the feeling of awe (Tanya Ch. 42)
Moses spoke to G-d face to face, so of course he was in awe. What about me? Can I feel what Moses did?
The chassidic concept of tzimtzum and its applications in our service of G-d
A discussion of the notion of reciprocal love to G-d as developed in Tanya, chapters 46-49, and the centrality of the non-literal interpretation of tzimtzum (“contraction”), as discussed in chapter 48. To create space for the other is not to absent yourse...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 37
In the first paragraph of the Shema (v’Ahavta), after submitting to G-d’s sovereignty, we accept the yoke of His commandments. This begins with the instruction to love G-d, which motivates and energizes the performance of mitzvahs. This class also address...
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 34
The second blessing of the Shema begins with the words Ahavat Olam (an everlasting love), and highlights the special love G-d displays towards the Jew, which in turn arouses a love from the Jew to G-d.
Merging intimacy and awe in the High Holiday prayers
The High Holidays are often approached with fear, but a closer look reveals an inner core of divine intimacy along with human empowerment and illumination.
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