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Jewishness; Jewish Identity

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Rabbi Manis Friedman discusses how 2,000 years of being discriminated against has affected our self-awareness as Jews. How do we heal? How do we stand up, not in spite of our Jewishness, but because of it? What does it mean to be "Jewishly Proud"?
Jews are a very diverse people with different perspectives, cultures, and upbringings spread across the globe. It’s been said: “no two Jews think alike”, yet, we are all one people and a united nation. How? This talk was delivered in Toronto, Canada in ho...
Our place in history and what the future portends
Discovering my secret Jewish roots
Concluding on the same note as we began
After reading the Torah for a year, here is how we finally conclude…
How do you imbue in your children an appreciation of the uniqueness of being Jewish?
Remove the ash and the burning fire will appear
We are like letters carved in stone, not like ink on parchment. Rediscover your rich Jewish background.
A dynamic discussion with Chief Rabbi David Lau in conversation with Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie at "Congregation Beth Meir HaCohen / Chabad of North County" in Yorba Linda, California.
Farbreng, Episode 25
Jewish identity is determined exclusively through being born to a Jewish mother. What is the rationale to this Torah law? (From “Messages”—Season 2, Episode 25)
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