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Shabbat Candles

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The Midrash relates the miracles that G-d would perform for Sarah and Rebecca. A beautiful story highlighting the greatness of our matriarchs, it holds a poignant lesson for us today and the special role of a woman to bring G-d’s light into the home.
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 32
Returning to the Mishnah, to elucidate the next prohibited kindling substance, “Itran”; seeking the rhyme and reason for this ban on burning. The ensuing narrative goes beyond the technical answer; shedding profound light on the deeper meaning and purpose...
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on Rivkah’s 3 miracles
The shidduch between our patriarch Yitzchak and our matriarch Rivkah is the most detailed courtship in Torah. Find out what about Rivkah made her the perfect match and discover the greatness of Jewish women in the process.
“It would be good for her to begin lighting candles. Yes, even before her marriage.” (Collage)
Yehudah Clapman recalls arranging a private audience with the Rebbe for his cousins. After asking the girls in the family to light their own Shabbos candle, the Rebbe offered them a special gift to help them get started. When they tried to thank the Rebbe...
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 24
The Talmud states the reward for one who is careful in the mitzvah of lighting candles and the reward for other mitzvahs that are also in a manner of measure for measure. The Talmud proceeds to related stories that illustrate this reality.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chayei-Sarah
A small candle lighting ad in the New York Times illustrates the miracle of our people.
Jewish Crafts with Abbey
Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create unique candle holders that will be the centerpiece of your Shabbat or holiday table.
Let’s keep the Shabbat flame burning
In hidden cellars behind the Iron Curtain, at the front lines of an IDF operation, and in the dark shadow of the Holocaust, Jewish women and girls embraced Shabbat with the vibrant flames they kindled. Travel back in time and experience Shabbat candle-lig...
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