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Struggle, Challenge & Adversity

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Effort (17)
In his commentary on Genesis 37:2, Rashi says that "Jacob dwelt" can also mean that "Jacob sought to dwell in tranquility." Is seeking tranquility and happiness an inherently valuable pursuit? Is it okay to ask G-d to help us accomplish our mission free f...
The harder your roots have to work to get to the water, the more intense will be the taste of your wine.
Have you ever been asked to play "out of position?" Did you accept the challenge?
Lesson 3: Conviction and Belief
We learn how Miriam—whose name means both “bitterness” and “rebellion”—did not respond passively to the bitterness of her people’s plight, but instead rallied the women of her generation to have faith that freedom would soon come.
Lesson 1: Introduction
This first class in the series introduces the historical context in which Miriam lived—the oppressive and bitter conditions of the Jewish people’s slavery in Egypt.
The Jewish approach to turning pain into blessing.
Choosing effort over the quick fix. After the “oy” comes the “ah.”
A little boy would walk to and from school daily. One afternoon, a huge storm began along with thunder and lightning...
How are we to deal with change in life that appears to be misfortune and cause for pain? A tale of two pails
Does your limited perception of yourself keep you captured in place, instead of allowing you to move forward and grow into who you want to become?
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