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Purim, 5721 · March 2, 1961
Torah teaches that the whole world was created for the sake of the Jewish People’s service of G-d. President Kennedy’s recent establishment of the US Peace Corps serves as a reminder of a similar call that has been made here…
Drawing on the specific intimations of the term "essence" as it is explained in Chabad thought—namely, as the singular point that holds opposites together—we can find several points of connection between Chabad teachings on social questions and the social...
The stories of Chabad rabbis in Oklahoma, Turkey, and Slovakia
Follow the extraordinary stories of three Chabad Shluchim (emissaries), from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Istanbul, Turkey, and Piestany, Slovakia.
Rabbi Yaakov Reitzes has served as rabbi of Yesod Hama’ala and the Upper Galilee in Israel for close to forty years. In 1976 he was part of a delegation of students sent by the Rebbe to Israel, where he remained and married. After receiving an offer to mo...
What is the distinction between Hasidism and Mitnagdim? What caused the emergence of these groups? And where in the general Hasidic movement, does Chabad-Lubavitch stand?
Yitzhak Kraus describes the journey that led to his discovering the explanation for the energetic motivation Chabad has for its mission of spreading Judaism.
A passionate talk describing the events that had a strong and lasting impact. (Recorded at a tribute event for the Rebbe in Seattle by Chabad of Washington State)
Shortly after getting married, Gittel Eidelman moved with her husband to Morocco as emissaries of the Rebbe. Having grown up in England, Morocco wasn’t exactly a natural place for her to end up living. It was an interesting place for them to have ended up...
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