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That which a child is exposed to, even at the youngest age, has far-reaching effects on him, physically and spiritually. Modern science has also reached this conclusion, even concerning infants who are too young to understand what is going on around them....
A closer look at the mysterious three sons of Korach who composed beautiful songs and psalms that were later sung in the Holy Temple.
A special Tehillim schedule for this season
Psalms of King David 100:3
A mysterious letter "aleph" reveals the secret for closeness with G-d. Based on the verse (Psalms 100:3) "Know the Lord is G-d. It is He who made us, and we are his..."
The soul of every Jew is an “actual part of God” to which God wishes to grant the ultimate good. This unparalleled opportunity for metamorphosis is possible only when the soul descends into a body, into an environment which is hostile to spirituality.
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