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Law; Jurisprudence

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How to Study Torah - Mishpatim
Exodus 23:2 teaches us, among many other important legal principles, that we must follow the majority in a dispute between judges. What other axioms of Jewish law do we learn from this verse?
The Legal Origins of Freedom of Expression
Is the right to free speech an invention of the Anglo-American legal system or does it have a parallel in Talmudic law? Lawyers ask an expert for clarity on the subject.
Comparing the U.S., Canadian and Talmudic Systems
This course will study bankruptcy laws including voluntary and involuntary insolvency, permissible and impermissible transfer of property from insolvent estates, and the debates on public policy theory. Senator Goldstein presents the Candian system and Ra...
Extrajudicial Execution and Incarceration in Jewish Law
Do the laws of war and international criminal justice adequately address unusual cases such as terrorists, piracy or rogue states? What is the legal basis for targeted assassination? A contrast between contemporary, secular legal thought and the Torah's j...
Symposium on Intellectual Property Law
Rabbi Bell asks the question, "Does the concept of intellectual property have a source in Talmudic law?" He then cites various real cases throughout history where rabbis have attempted to settle disputes by answering this question.
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 11
The Talmud’s discussion about the Chanukah menorah digresses for a moment into the topic of liability for damages related to a camel laden with flax that catches on fire as it passes by a storefront.
The Torah View on Privileged Information
When may information be shared? When must it be kept private? An overview of the primary sources in Torah, Talmud and Jewish Law governing the rules of confidentiality and privacy.
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