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Life After Death

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Parshah Vayechi
The Sages of the Talmud, in their debate whether one may discuss Torah while consuming a meal, address the existential quandary of whether it is better to transcend nature or conform to it. (Based on Likutei Sichos, Vol 35. Vayechi 3.)
Judaism teaches that we can stay connected to our loved ones once they’re gone; that through our actions we can send care packages to the deceased. On this last installment of Life After Death we take a look at how our actions on earth can shape the heave...
How can we connect with those we’ve lost? Be it a parent, sibling, friend or child, we all wonder about how to keep our loved ones present in our lives. In this week’s course we cover five practical methods for reconnecting with the souls of our loved one...
None of us are perfect, but does that mean that we’ll be locked out of heaven? In this week’s course we talk about the Jewish afterlife. Rabbi Plotkin leads us on a tour through heaven and hell, unveiling the true destination of the eternal soul.
Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and it leads us to wonder: What happens to the person we knew, once their soul has departed? Do they retain their personality and memory in the world to come? This week’s course introduces us to Judaism’s take o...
What we say to a mourner and how it provides comfort.
The Torah's guidelines for mourning are sensitive to and appreciate what the mourner needs during this time.
The Torah focuses on this world and not the next world because what we can accomplish here is so valuable. Nevertheless, our world is upside down and truth and clarity occurs only in the world to come.
What is special about a grave site and what causes us to visit there?
The soul existed before the body and the soul always remains because it is a piece of G-d. When we understand this, then the Afterlife is a natural part of our journey.
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