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Remembering a Fallen Hero of 9-11
A family says kaddish at Ground Zero for their loved one who died trying to save a coworker during the attack. The story of 9-11 hero, Abraham Zelmanowitz.
26 Adar, 5751• March 12, 1991
A Rav can help you approximate the date of your brother’s passing. Observe his Yahrzeit on that date, and when his soul will be at peace, the tragedy of his death will no longer haunt you.
The Prayer of V’chol Ma’aminim
Recited in the repetition of the Musaf Amidah on both days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, it highlights our universal beliefs about G-d's organic relationship with humanity. Discover the fascinating code embedded within this piyut, and a novel understan...
The last Mishnah of chapter 7 of Tractate Mikvaot deals with how to overcome physical challenges that one may encounter when attempting to successfully achieve ritual immersion in a mikveh. This class will reveal the spiritual dimension of this teaching a...
The 24th chapter of Tractate Keilim deals with laws of ritual impurity (tumah) as it applies to various vessels, foremost amongst them the different type of shields—for combat, for training purposes and for sport. This class will address the spiritual dim...
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