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Holocaust, The

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How We View Our Collective Past as Jews
A compelling argument for the case that Jewish education must portray our ancestors not as individuals who once lived, but as people who are alive today.
The Nazis did not only want to exterminate the Jews . . .
The Jews, singing and dancing ecstatically, were swept by the flood of their emotions and danced on and on. They would pay dearly later, but for that moment they had defied their oppressors.
A story of two young Holocaust survivors
A young bride and groom...A noble spirit...A show of true love...And acts of absolute beauty. How do you define "beauty"?
12 Tammuz, 5744 • July 12, 1984
Wisdom and Torah are not identical. The Rabbis tell us that wisdom may be found in the world at large, but not Torah. When ethics come from G-d, they are unalterable. Only this formula, based on Torah, G-d’s wisdom, can make true ethical life possible. Ev...
A sword or gun, or fire or water, can affect only the physical body or the soul’s connection to the body, but never the soul itself . . .
An incredible story of the secret pair of Tefillin used in the dark of the concentration camp barrack.
The story behind a precious picture of the Chanukah lights that became a symbol of defiance and resolve.
Let me introduce you to a little boy named Moshe … The story of a miracle spanning three generations in doing what Hitler wanted to destroy.
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