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Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson (The Rebbe's Mother)

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After spending a month at his ill father’s bedside, Dr. Stuart Ditchek had the unique privilege of meeting privately with the Rebbe. The Rebbe brought to light a common connection the two of them shared, and gave him an open invitation to visit. (1986)
Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi shares some recollections of 770, where he was a student in the mid- 1960s. He recalls the Rebbe’s mother’s passing in 1965, as well as one particular morning prayer that became seared into his memory.
In 1960, Rabbi Yosef Wineberg began to deliver Tanya lessons over the radio in New York. The Rebbe's mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, was fond of his broadcasts. When she passed away in 1964, he asked the Rebbe for permission to honor her memory in a s...
Dnepropetrovsk, 1909
In 1909, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, Rebbetzin Chana and their three sons moved to Dnepropetrovsk, a huge military city 520 kilometers from Kiev, where Rabbi Levi Yitzchok became the rabbi of the city’s 25 synagogues and 50,000 Jews. He turned to Rabbi Zalman Vi...
6 Tishrei, 5750 · October 5, 1989
On the 25th Yahrtzeit of his mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, of righteous memory, the Rebbe leads the prayers, addresses the Chassidim, and distributes a gift for the New Year.
7 Tishrei, 5725 • September 13, 1964
The funeral of Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, the Rebbe’s mother.
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