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Letter in the Torah Campaign

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Rabbi Sholom Ber Schapiro is a veteran educator living in Brooklyn, New York. In the early 1980s he was a teacher in the Yeshiva of Brooklyn when he was approached by a student’s parent who had an offer for a business opportunity. After receiving the cons...
Rabbi Shmuel Greisman relates that after initiating the campaign for the children’s Torah scroll, the Rebbe urged all Jews to participate in signing up as many children as possible. Speaking about the campaign on numerous occasions, the Rebbe and stressed...
A Letter in a Torah Scroll for Every Jewish Child
In 1980 the Rebbe initiated a campaign for every Jewish child to own a letter in a Torah scroll.
The Torah... A Mitzvah that Unifies and Informs
G-d, who formed and created man and all that exists, shares His wisdom, understanding and knowledge with us through the Torah, enabling us to maximize our potential and fulfill our life's purpose.
A live broadcast of the Siyum, the completion of the 8th unity Torah Scroll, where 304,805 men, women and children participated in acquiring one of the 304,805 letters in this special Sefer Torah. The celebration will feature special video presentations f...
Practical Parshah - Vayelech
It is a commandment incumbent on every man and woman to write a scroll of the Torah. How does a "regular Jew" fulfill this mitzvah?
The last commandment of the Torah is to write one’s own Sefer Torah. Today this is commonly done through buying a letter, chapter or portion in a joint Sefer Torah. It is written by a scribe who is specially ordained to write, and its laws are meticulous.
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