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Ego & Selfhood

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The natural craving that each person has for recognition from other human beings sometimes swells without bounds into a monstrous desire for fame. The secret essence of fame, however, appears only in the “loneliest” moments with G-d.
Discover profound mystical insights into overcoming our personal challenges and limitations.
G-d abhors anyone with a selfish sense of ego.
A chassidic tale on the source of arrogance
A chassidic tale on pursuing purpose and personal gain
An empty vessel draws in with greater intensity than one that is full.
The Kabbalah of Behavior
Using our natural characteristics to become better individuals, while learning how to ask ourselves will this action propel me closer to doing what G-d wants of me.
A Short Chassidic Story
This short anecdote with the second Chabad Rebbe shares a poignant message on the deeper struggles in life.
Parshat Emor
A deeper look at the counting of the Omer, and the distinctive laws governing the Omer offering and the Shavuot offering. (Based on Likkutei Sichos, vol. 32, p. 134.)
It's a choice we all make. We can argue until everyone knows how right we are, but we will probably be left unhappy. Our better option, stop proving ourselves right and choose to be happy.
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