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Simchat Torah

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Mendel Greenbaum recalls how the Rebbe waited to begin the Simchas Torah celebrations until the last of the Chasidim who had gone out on the Rebbe’s directive to spread the joy of the festival, had returned to 770. (1954)
Concluding on the same note as we began
After reading the Torah for a year, here is how we finally conclude…
On Simchas Torah, you must dance for the Torah, also, not only for your own private joy. You can still fulfill it this coming Simchas Torah. Until then, may you grow in your physical health, and even more, in the health of your soul, in your study of Tora...
A lively and joyous Simchas Torah tune that is attributed to the Rebbe’s father, R’ Levi Yitzchok. From a live performance in Petach Tikva, Israel: sung by Simche Friedman with violinist Shimmy Veishandler.
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