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Joy; Happiness

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Somebody can put you in prison, but nobody can make you imprisoned.
Want to be happy? Be like the heaping teaspoon, a "socheket" that overflows and shares of itself generously.
Soul Boost for Parshat Ki-Tavo
We all have barriers, but there’s one proven hack to break them down.
The Scroll of Esther narrates the remarkable story of planned genocide of the Jewish People, and the ensuing, statistically impossible confluence of events, unmistakably recognized miraculous Divine deliverance. Intriguingly, one particular verse receives...
Something Spiritual on Parshat Ki Tavo
Explore the significance in doing a mitzvah with joy, and moreover, the importance for a Jew to always be happy, as highlighted in chassidus.
Discover the power of your mind and thoughts to determine your own positive reality. Internalizing the essence of Divine Providence leads to a happier disposition in knowing that Hashem has your back.
A fascinating journey to discover the difference between pleasure and happiness according to Chassidic thought.
Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 4, mishnah 1
Who is wise? One who learns from every man…Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclinations…Who is rich? One who is satisfied with his lot…Who is honorable? One who honors his fellows.
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