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Hastening the Redemption

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The Previous Rebbe gave us a mission: "Stand ready to greet Moshiach." "Everything is already prepared, all that remains is to 'polish the buttons.'"
There are those who question: “Why do you speak so much about bringing Moshiach?” “Why don’t you rely on G-d – after all, He’s the one Who sent us into Exile in the first place!” If the Jewish People in the time of Moses had followed this line of logic, a...
27 Tammuz, 5749 · July 30, 1989
It is not enough to “bring Moshiach” – for that we already have the promise of G-d Almighty. It is our job to bring him as soon as possible.
“Every additional mikvah is accelerating the arrival of our righteous redeemer.”
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