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Health, Illness and Healing

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Torah, Cardiology and Food, Lecture 1
Charting the worrying development of health in the USA, examining the causes of the new health epidemic and why healthy eating has taken center stage in recent decades.
Rabbi Steinsaltz asks whether we should just allow nature to take its place and select out the strongest from society or we should treat medical illnesses through human intervention. Though the Bible and Talmud seem to indicate that medical treatment is p...
Rabbi Steinsaltz cites the biblical source from which the Talmud derives the permissibility of a doctor to treat patients. He then discusses the related topic of whether a doctor is indeed obligated to treat patients. He questions whether such an obligati...
Key principles for health and wellness
A practical and profound approach to health, meant to transform the quality of your life, drawing from the great works of Maimonides.
The month of Iyar
The Kabbalah reveals that in the month of Iyar, G-d’s healing powers are uniquely manifest. This class will explore the nature of this extraordinary period and how to access this divine blessing. (Based on Likkutei Sichos, vol. 32, and other sources.)
Spiritual Wellness Is Similar to Physical Wellness
When it’s three doctors against one rabbi, who would you believe? (1973)
A Jewish Ethical Perspective
A leading physician asks, "When is it ethical to provide experimental or risky treatment for a patient?" Special attention is given to differences between secular and halachic principles of patient care.
Historic roots and current directions in bioethics
Leveling a critique at widely accepted principles of medical ethics, Professor Glick argues that medical ethics cannot be based only on biology or philosophy, but on the “sanctity of human life." (A Professor David Sevel Memorial Lecture)
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